Invest In Digital Social Retail IPO DigitalSocialRetail

Digital Social Retail: Reg A+ Offering

SEC qualified under Reg A+ on October 2, 2017; securities may be illiquid (trading anticipated by December 2017)

$4,250,000 Minimum Offering Amount (1,000,000 Units)

$8,500,000 Maximum Offering Amount (2,000,000 Units)

$1,275,000 Over-subscription Allowance Amount (300,000 Units)

$4.25 per Unit

Use of proceeds: 70% Sales and Marketing, 20% R & D

Social Retail for all your Marketing Needs

How to Setup Connector Campaigns

How to Setup Digital Signage Campaigns

Investment limits may apply. Investments in early stage companies are inherently risky; only invest an amount you can afford to lose. Securities will be illiquid until a trading market develops.